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Founded in 2016 by Ariadna Barthe Cuatrecasas and Antoine Vaxelaire, TOI T is a multidisciplinary practice that aims at re-inserting creativity in all disciplines of our society.

Strongly believing that there is an enormous gap between the people with the resources to act and those with the ideas to create, TOI T is the bridge between these distant sides.

Trained as architects, Ariadna and Antoine put architectural knowledge at the core of the office. The understanding of our built environment is the biggest challenge of the decades to come, and architects have a long tradition of both constructing it and understanding it’s potential. TOI T believes this knowledge cannot remain in the hands of architects, but should be implemented to all disciplines of today and tomorrow.

As good Europeans, Ariadna and Antoine work and live between Barcelona, London and Bruxelles; where they are implementing their ideas through various projects and teaching in several programs.

The work ofTOI T is very diverse, ranging from pure and disciplinary architecture to creative consultancy commissions. This diversity of work is at the core of the office’s philosophy. Ariadna and Antoine are developing TOI T to become “an expert in generalities”.

In addition to the inner strength of TOI T’s team, the office also thinks that collaborative design is a key to success; therefore a vast majority of the projects are made with experts from other fields, making every project a unique and relevant answer to questions of our build environment.